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The Jeet Kune Do Association is now offering a certification / recognition program for existing JKD instructors through the newly developed open division, JEET KUNE DO COMBATIVES.  We welcome all JKD instructors with legitimate lineage.   

We try not to get involved in the JKD politics, for I believe that we are all brothers and sisters in Jeet Kune Do, regardless of our background (concepts or original).  Remember we all derive our JKD training from the same person, Bruce Lee.  Since Bruce died, different interpretations have surfaced with various emphases on JKD.  We respect all of these as long as they are derived from a legitimate lineage.  In the past the JKD Association has focused only on the original JKD, but by incorporating our new division, JKD Combatives, the JKDA is now open for all variations and aspects of JKD that are currently in existence.  We want to unify all factions of Jeet Kune Do.

      In order to qualify for this program, you must already be a certified JKD instructor (original or concepts).  Your JKD lineage must be linked to one of the authentic, well known JKD instructors. International JKD instructors are also welcomed.  We are not a diploma mill, we offer legitimate, recognized instructor status to those who are already JKD instructors. This is also your opportunity to learn the authentic JKD (wing chun gung fu, boxing, and fencing) just as it was taught to Sifu Gary Dill, who was one of the last people to be taught the latest JKD techniques developed by Bruce Lee.  Many JKD instructors have asked to affiliate with us, so since we opened up the JKD Combatives Open Division.  Here are several reasons why a JKD instructor would want to affiliate with us.

  • Be a part of the oldest, most well-known JKD organization in the world with experienced, professional leadership and administration.
  • Have the opportunity to learn the Oakland JKD and combat martial arts through JKDA seminars, training camps, private classes, AND our newly filmed JKD DVD training videos. (Seminars, camps, classes, and DVD's....additional fees apply.)
  • Receive promotions and instructor’s advancement as you grow in skill and knowledge under the JKD Combatives.
  • Your JKD Combatives instructor certification is internationally recognized and authorized / signed personally by Professor Dill.
  • The JKD Combatives “open division” welcomes all proponents of JKD, original or concepts.
  • If you have an active JKD class / school, you should also consider receiving a JKDA school charter and affiliate your students.  They will also receive membership and certification under JKD Combatives for a nominal fee.
  • Be a part of a professional JKD organization under the guidance of one of the few surviving original JKD students.  The JKDA was founded in 1991.
  • Your name, location, and JKD instructor status will be placed on our website instructor's listing.  You will receive our JKDA newsletter, as well as being a registered / certified member of the JKD Association.
  • You will be issued the JKD Combatives internationally recognized Instructor Certificate personally signed and sealed by Prof. Gary Dill.  (All cross-certification JKD Combatives instructors have the same status and prestige as all JKD instructors under Prof. Dill.)

Cost for JKD Combatives cross-certification is $595, payable by money order or by paypal.

    If you have any other questions concerning the JKD Combatives, please contact Professor Dill for more information.  We welcome your inquiries and appreciate your interest in JKD Combatives.  Thank you for your dedication to Jeet Kune Do, and..................Keep training.  

Chief Sifu Gary Dill

Master Sifu Jill Hernandez


pdilljkd@aol.com       jillher9@gmail.com   

     918 327-6895  or 918 766-1958    

PO Box 3396   Bartlesville, OK   74006

Chief Sifu Gary Dill, Founder and Advisor, JKDA

Master Sifu Jill Hernandez, Executive Director & President, JKDA

PAYABLE BY MONEY ORDER OR BY PayPal TO:     pdilljkd@aol.com