SDS HOMELAND COMBATIVES (HC) was initially developed for our military troops.  Then it was adopted by a Homeland Security Training and certification organization as their official CQC training program. And now this exclusive CQC program is available to the public.  Since 9/11, I have been actively teaching anti-terrorist training based on my previous experience.  Homeland Combatives is a program of strictly pure combat training, no sport, no fancy techniques or high kicks.  It is a combination of old-school hand-to-hand combat, Jeet Kune Do techniques and concepts, and my personal experience.

I served in the military (Vietnam veteran) for several years, as special agent with NCIS, in US Navy Intelligence. and had 10 years in law enforcement (working homicides, narcotics, and organized crime) on a federal and state level.  I have never been a dojo ballerina, I have experienced real combat more than once.  I have stared into the eyes of people whose only objective at that moment in time....was to destroy me.  To me, the martial arts have always been a vehicle for survival, not recreation.  This is not a politically correct training program, there are technique that will result in serious injury or "termination" of the enemy.  Like I said, this program was formulated for the battlefield, not for some tournament ring.

Because they knew of my anti-terrorist training program, and east coast "security company" approached me to develop a close quarters combat training program for the 3rd Special Forces Group out of Ft. Bragg, which was dropping the "Army Combatives" and wanted their own program that would fit their special operations needs and missions.  My program was developed to follow the guidelines that were stipulated in their contract bid for a new combat system.  They wanted it to focus on stand-up fighting, using hands feet, and weapons; techniques that were simple and quick to learn, but extremely effective... thus HC was born.  I was contracted by this same "security group" to teach this program to the new special operations units of the US Air Force headquartered out of McGuire AFB.  They like it so much that we had several return sessions.  I have had individual members of the Army Special Forces (18 Delta), as well as individual Navy Seals, come to me for specialized CQC training in this program.

When I was putting on a demonstration of this military CQC, it was observed by the head of a Homeland Security organization (CHS), which trained and certified personnel in the military, especially personnel who were connected to Homeland Security.  He said that he and his staff had searched for 2 years to find a suitable CQC program to have in their training curriculum.  Two weeks later, he contracted me to head up their new CQC program and to personally teach their "clients," as well as develop other instructors for expansion of the program.  My program was now called HOMELAND COMBATIVES.

Level One......Core Techniques

Level Two.......More Core Techniques

Level Three......Attack Techniques and Tactics

Level Four......Compliance Techniques (stand up grappling)

Level Five......More Stand Up Grappling

Level Six......Breakholds

Level Seven......Gun Disarms

Level Eight......Weapon Defense

Level Nine......Offense Techniques With a Baton

Level Ten......Extreme "Neutralization" Techniques

Level Eleven......Neck chokes and Breaks

Level Twelve......Offense With a Knife (maiming & termination)

TESTIMONIALS FROM THE USAF SPECIAL OPERATIONS TROOPERS: After every military training course, each student is required to fill out an evaluation sheet about the training. (We have all of them on file.) THESE ARE JUST A FEW:  

"This is the best training I have personally received since I joined the military."

"The instructors were the best I've worked with since I've been in the military.  This training is by far the best I've had."    

 "Absolutely fantastic."  

 "Extremely thorough."   

"This course is excellent."   

A retired Army Special Forces officer recently purchased the SDS Homeland Combatives DVD set.  He said this about it...."What you have on these DVDs is common sense stuff, old school hand-to-hand combat, blended in with your experience and with JKD.  Anyone with a background (in military / combat) can appreciate that right away.  Funny how almost no on else actually does aim their program for the practical use of the people who will "NEED IT TO WORK."  He elaborated that the "ground combatives" program that is presently taught in the army is not REALISTIC.  "Because there is no way a soldier carrying a full combat load is going to do it, and it is "retarded" to go to the ground ON PURPOSE when you could face armed or multiple attackers."  "I would like to go through more training with this course.  I think every person in the military needs to go through this training."        

Folks, this is the opinion from a soldier who has been there, done that.


TO PURCHASE THIS PROGRAM, call Professor Gary Dill @ 918-327-6895 for COST and payment information.